Question not understanding clock speeds


Jul 31, 2018
AKA: is it worth the extra 200$ to upgrade to the 2080 super from the 2070 super if your getting close to the same clock speed?

hey guys, so I just bought the aorus 2070 super a few weeks ago (second fastest boost clock on the market) and not a 2080 becuse I had a 7700k and was worried more would bottleneck and be pointless.

I got a 9700k for Christmas , so now I'm throwing around the idea of returning it for the aorus 2080 super for roughly 200$ more. thing is since my 2070 super is factory overclocked , reading reviews ive heard people say they get a steady 2050mhz with the 2080 super but I get close to that now ( drops to about 1995mhz when it heats up, stock fans no overclock )

So im wondering if its worth the extra 200$ plus the hassle of return ??? I understand the 2080 and super has more cores, so is it just more effective even if speeds are lower ??? with my factory overclocked card I see that I'm better then some 2080s in boost speed, some times even base. I believe that overclocked though, even the slowest 2080 will be able to go higher then my 2070 super is how it works ???