Question Note 10 plus 4k 60fps with Filmic Pro

Nov 13, 2019
Hi everyone.
Recently Im thinking about switching from my Huawei p8 to Note 10+ however I intensively use my gfs p30 pro for filmmaking using filmic pro.
Filmmaking using smartphones is fascinating for me so I decided to buy new phone (Old one is dying)
However I heard that Galaxy smatrphones have problems with Filmic Pro on a highier framerates but only using snapdragon units. Those with exynos are free from this problem.
Is that True? Will I be able to record video 4k 60fps with custom shutter speed and ISO on Note 10 plus with exynos CPU using filmic pro?
And what about variable aparature on this device? Can I play with it with this app or it will be locked at f1.5 or f2. 4?

Thank you in advance for help and information :)