Question Notebook performance very poor & low FPS

Jan 15, 2020
I bought a Notebook 3/4 months ago (Acer Aspire 5 a515-52g-577t) with 8 gb ram, i5 8520u and Geforce MX130. I formatted and started to use my Windows 10 Home on SSD. I was very happy with my machine, playing my games smoothly (Overwatch in medium configs with 60 fps, for example). But one day, i needed to format my notebook once again... And the problems started.

My notebook is showing massive fps drops in all games. I mean, lol in medium and overwatch in low with resolution on 50% with fps drops.
Some things that i already tried: i can confirm that the games are using my GPU, percentage of use in 99% and temperature in 70C; cpu temperature in 80C while gaming; disabled DVR, hyperV, remote acess, Windows Defender, superfetch, maps and others; energy configs on max performance ; tried to use manufacturer drivers and updated drivers; i've formatted my notebook 2x trying to resolve the problem, on the first time my performance came back to normal for one day... and then the fps drops started once again (my others attempts of formatting didn't show any improve, even temporary ones)
P.S. i formatted and the computer was normal for one day.

The Windows 10 is on my SSD and my games on my HDD.

Sorry for my bad english. Help me, please.