[SOLVED] Notebook power supply connected to WD Elements 4TB WD40EZRZ

Nov 16, 2022
i accidentally connected my Notebook power supply to my external hard drive (WD40EZRZ), it spun, but was no longer recognized.

I removed the HDD PCB to check the common diodes and resistors, but there are no labels on it.
I found this image, but don't know if the labels are placed correctly.
I measured the marked parts and got the following:
D3 - apparently working (opening only in one direction)
D4 - apparently not working (shorted in both directions)
R60 - apparently not working (no connection, could just be my measuring skills though, it's tiny :|)
other resistor - apparently working (nearly shorted)

I cut out what I supposed to be D4 and now have a resistance of ~130 ohms in one direction and infinite resistance in the other (on the connection points on the board).

Is it safe to just connect the HDD to my PC (via SATA) to check if it works now or do I have to check something more? Are the assumed labels correct?