Question nothing but a black screen

Aug 22, 2019
My psu violently died last week. After I installed a new one whenever I try to boot the PC I just get a black screen. Everything seems to power up just fine. I tried swapping the memory around but got the same result. Do you think this is a video problem or is the motherboard toast?

Rog Maximus X motherboard
Intel core I7 8700
G.Skill trident z 8gb x2
Gigabyte GTX 1080ti
Corsair Rm 850x (new psu)
Windows 10

PC Tailor

Tagan bz 800
Ah, well there's probably your issue. Unfortunately poor quality power supplies have a tendency to do this, it's why on the forums we recommend so harshly against it, I made a big post about items like this, you can see it in point 1 here:

Well, first I'd try removing the GPU as stated, but it's highly likely it has probably taken other components with it.

PC Tailor

Took the GPU out and the machine boots up just fine. Now the question is whether it's the GPU or the slot
More likely the GPU at that point, when a PSU blows the GPU can often be at the full front. That or the motherboard.

The only way to tell would be to put it another similar power GPU and test. But if I was to put my bets down, it'd be to the GPU.

Or trying the GPU in another system will clarify if it is the GPU.