Question Nothing displayed on monitor, but the fans spin & mobo shows DRAM light ?

Sep 1, 2023
My problems with the computer started about 2 months ago when i was doing some cable management in which i took out : PSU cable, motherboard 16pin & 8 pin cable & gpu cable. After reconnecting them, my computer started having issues starting, i had to open it , close it (no display), and then open it. only then would it get display , occasionally would have to do this multiple times. Yesterday, i shut it off because i got a new desk and had to move my keyboard and such, but did not remove any coords, but after i tried to open it , it would not get any display, and the motherboard showed boot light. i tried starting it without gpu connected and now it shows the DRAM error light. i have also tried changing the ram slots, with 1 or 2 sticks, but it makes no difference. if i try to start it all the fans turn on and keyboard lights up after 20 seconds but still no display, and my monitor is correctly plugged in. im genuinely stumped, and any ideas would be appreciated. thank you

My specs
asus b450-f gaming mobo
corsair cv550w psu
amd ryzen 2600x cpu
stock cooler
hyperx fury 2x8gb 3200hz
inno3d rtx 2060


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

How old is the PSU in your build? As for your system, if you're able to get the system to POST once you reseat the rams, then the issue can be with your motherboard or the integrated memory controller on the processor, which effectively would mean the CPU being the issue.

If you're able to get POST, check and see what your BIOS version on your motherboard is at this moment of time.