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Question Nothing seems to be willing to install visual c++ DirectX Nvidia Driver GeForce Experience

Jun 9, 2020
Hi, i am really going to be insane at this, it started with a game that i wanted to launch that i got an error (Failed to initialize Player Direct3D) i was looking in the interent for solutions, i have found out that it got to do with the DirectX version or the Visual c++ so i have tried to download all the version possible for those programs even though that i already have them installed on my windows, here where the real problems started to accure for every program that i try to install, what i did i have uninstall every version of Visual c++ then when i have tried to install it back i got an error "0x800b0003 the form specified for the subject is not one supported or know by the specified trust provider" this error accured for every version except the 2018-2019 and 2015 i guess, every version bellow i can't seem to get it installed even though that i had it when the windows was installed fresh, that's not it i have tried to install DirectX 11 i have DirectX 12 as my windows info telling me that i have 12, so i tried to download the offline package of Dx11 but at the start of the installation i receive this message: "A cabinet file necessary for installation cannot be trusted. Please verify the Cryptographic Services are enabled and the cabinet file is valid.
i tried everything on the net but nothing seems to make it work, the reason that i am trying to install Directx 11 cause i am having an error message for some of the program 0x00007b

And it gets really unsupportable, i tried to launch my GeForce Experience and i got an error 0x0001 unkown
what i did is uninstall the program and try to reinstall it, when i tried to install it again i am getting this annoying error message: "nvidia install unknown error has occurred" what i did again i tried to uninstall everything that had to do with Nvidia Driver card, when i did that and restarted the PC, i have tried to install the driver or the GeForce Experience and i got the same error message: "nvidia install unknown error has occurred" Please Please Please anyone could help me to get out of this mess, i don't get to make anything work or want to work, what should i do?
and i have installed the MylwareByte and i got no viruses, thanks in advance.