[SOLVED] Nothing shows after installing new gtx 1050 ti from palit and new corsair cv450 into my pc

Aug 28, 2021
Hi, I need help with my pc because today I was installing a new gtx 1050 ti from palit and new corsair cv450, when installing the gpu I had problems with putting it into the slot even though nothing was blocking it. When I turn it on there is no display even when I swap the hdmi cable to the onboard graphics but still nothing even my keyboard and mouse won't turn on. And also I can't go into the BIOS since the screen is black. The fans spin but they don't change speed which isn't normal since normally it changes speed when I get to the Linux desktop.
My pc components:
Amd ryzen 5 4650g PRO
Nvidia gtx 1050 ti from palit
Gigabyte a520m s2h motherboard
Corsair cv450 power supply
2× samsung EVO 870
1×8bg stick of RAM
1× m.2 from an unknown company