Noticable difference between the two?

To answer your questions:

1. No substantial difference.

2. 4gb is not worth it regardless if I had the money or not.
Read this study:

3. With your budget, and wanting the best, have you considered a GTX690?
It is essentially two GTX680 under the cover. It does not require sli since management of the two gpu's is done by the card firmware and does not require motherboard driver assistance. Yes, it is expensive, but it only requires a decent 650W psu:
If you are playing @ 5760 x 1080, then I would definitely go with the GTX 690. See below link for benchmarks. The performance difference between a GTX 670 2GB and GTX 690 4GB generally range between a 80% - 100% increase. Unfortunately, they do not have a GTX 670 4GB card, so I cannot say exactly how much of a performance difference the "missing" 2GB of VRAM causes. I would guess there would be at most a 15% (being optimistic here) difference between a GTX 670 2GB and GTX 670 4GB @ 5760x1080 resolution



Dec 15, 2012

GTX670 4GB?


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