Question Noticable fps drop after liquid cooling 2080 ti

Mar 6, 2019
So I played BF V in the morning and everything worked fine. Then I installed the GPU cooler and didn't change anything else physically or in programs. After installation I tested BF V and it ran poorly.

Before installing water cooling I could run BF V 144Hz at 1440p. GPU usage 80-90% and 80C heat but after installing Alphacool Eiswolf 240 GPX Pro I get around 60-70 fps with same settings and GPU usage is 99%. Heat is now 10 degrees down at 70C.
My CPU usage and temps are the same before and after, about 60% and 50C. The performance drop is happening in every game so it is not a BF V issue but I just happen to have the best statistics about BF V.

Usage and heat was measured with MSI Afterburner.

I didn't update anything before installing the cooler. After I noticed the fps problem I updated Nvidia drivers and win 10 got an update too.

I had one PCI-e 2x 6+2 cable connecting both 8 pins on the GPU and I tried plugging 2 PCI-e cables so both 8 pins get their own cable but it did nothing.

Could it be the PSU? Although the Dukes 3 fans got replaced by only a pump and 2 120mm fans.

I ran f-secure and Malwarebytes and both found nothing.

Couldn't find anyone with the same problem so decided to post here since you guys probably know alot more about PC things.

My setup:
CPU i7-9700K
Cooler Deepcool Castle 240
GPU MSI RTX 2080 Ti Duke 11G OC
Cooler Alphacool Eiswolf 240 GPX Pro
RAM Kingston 2x8GB
PSU Corsair 750W RM 750x (2018)
OS Windows 10 Home version 1809
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