Now trying advanced overclocking...... And wierd temps.....


Jan 28, 2008
Well basically after my old MSI K9VGM-V mobo died I bought this el cheapo motherboard from emaxx. (Might be a local mobo maker, as I can't find any reviews anywhere.)

The board seems to be based on the NForce430 chipset.

Now suprising for a mobo that I bought for only $45, it has modest overclocking options, like changing multipliers, upping the DRAM, processor and mobo voltages and stuff. So maybe I should have tried overclocking beyond standard vCore. :)

My first question is, what vCore should be safe for the processor? Say if I'm planning to keep it until 2010, what maximum vCore can I set? My processor is a 90nm Windsor X2 5600.

Before the processors max overclock on stock (1.35) vCore is 3052Mhz. (218x14)

Now it's currently stable on 3122Mhz (223x14) , but the vCore has been increased to 1.4v. Stable meaning survived 4 hours of Orthos without any failures.

Extra question :

Also, I'm having this wierd temperature detection problem, when I load the BIOS setup, it says 38c on the processor on PC Health settings, Speedfan also says the same thing, but CoreTemp says the first core is at 47c and the second core is on 38c, should I believe the 47c temp at idle?