Nowhere else to turn, need a bit of help/advice


May 13, 2004
Well, I believe my video card and/or motherboard's agp slot just took a dump. so here is what happened..

Turned comp on, the asus system watcher utility popped up showing that my video card's voltage was going crazy. When I tried to restart again, that was it, no more working computer for me. The best I can get is to the windows splash screen where it says WinXP is loading, and even then it appears to be in 16 color mode and the moving green bar is in a patchwork of colors. Then, it would load windows and you could BARELY and emphasis on BARELY make out the standard windows background, but the entire screen is covered in this nasty patchwork of colors that changes as the mouse scrolls over it. So I put in an old PCI video card I had laying around and it booted right up. Then grabbed an old agp card I had and it did the exact same thing, the patchwork of colors all over the place, and i mean its to the point that if you didnt know what the windows startup screen looked like you would not recognize that it had actually booted up, but was putting out no recognizable picture. So I then put my first video card into 2 other systems, and their monitors did not even register that they were connected to anything. Put it back in the original system and again, patchwork of colors. Eventually it just stopped giving a signal on the first computer all together, and it appears to have a current flowing through it, as it can shock you if you touch it (found that out the hard way, and no its not static, live in wonderfully humid florida). So, after that awfully confusing pile of information there...the video card is obviously fried, and my motherboard will not work with any other agp cards now (but will with pci), so confirm it for me, did I manage to burn out both my video card and motherboard in one foul swoop? Thanks a ton for any help!


Former Staff
It could just be a power issue, or you might have put one of those rare old AGP cards (with the 1.5v key notch but 3.3v only signals)...into a 1.5v only slot, and fried part of the chipset!

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