Review Nreal Light AR Smart Glasses Review: Close, But Not Quite There Yet


Jul 18, 2018
I was really interested in these once upon a time, but nreal have taken so long getting them to market I got bored of waiting.

They should have scrapped the devkit and released a glasses only devkit globally with phone support for all that are powerful and capable, at least 2 years ago
Nov 20, 2021
Nreal hopes to bring AR to the masses with its Light AR Smart Glasses, but the price is still on the high side, and using a smartphone as a controller has limitations.

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I have used NReal light for some time in the UK for displaying high poly models (up to 1M poly) life size in AR with 6DoF. These include models from the Smithsonian space collection such as Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit, the Apollo11 module and the Space Shuttle. A problem is that these models had to be rendered (successfully) in Unity on the tethered Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. I have been working (in progress) on streaming the same models pre-rendered on a PC to NReal Light using NVidia CloudXR as this is currently unsupported on the NReal SDK. However, in the lead up to the USA release announcement on 18th November a picture was posted by NReal advertising all NReal Light’s features included support for NVidia CloudXR and OpenXR. It was taken down after the next day. Do you know when these features will be released? if not, is there any way that Tom’s Hardware can find out? Thanks


Aug 4, 2019
I'm not sure how this statement:

"Gaming was also quite fun, although the included AR titles seemed more like glorified tech demos than a thoroughly thought-out game that would hold your attention for more than five or ten minutes. Don't get me wrong, the games and app demos looked great for the most part, but they still left me wanting more."

Is reconciled with this:

"However, for those intrigued by augmented reality and who have a compatible smartphone, the Nreal Light offers nearly 20 apps and games to choose from to broaden your horizons."

I fail to see how "tech demos" good for maybe ten minutes are worth the time and expense. "Looking great" I suppose will hold you for maybe ten minutes, before you see there's nothing there...;)

Color me completely underwhelmed and uninterested. The dependence on Verizon Wireless (?) and the listed cell phones seems crippling--being able to connect to a desktop computer would offer far more in terms of processing power, obviously.

I think $600 for a device that will be enjoyed for maybe 15 minutes and then shelved--permanently, most likely--is too much by far. They might do better renting these out, or including these in a Verizon contract, etc.