Ntune & Easytune Gigabyte P35-D-Q6 PCI-E voltage problem


Sep 24, 2007

Can some one tell me if this is a mobo problem or a videocard problem ?

my videocard runs in safe mode and i get a score of 3200 on 3D 2006
XFX GF8800 GTX XT card CPU Q6600
Sentinel tells that i have not enough power but my connecters are all pluged in

What to do ?
That Mobo has a second power input (large 4 pin) in the corner near the memory. It's there to provide extra juice to the PCI bus for Crossfire/SLI setups. The 8800GTX *is* pretty power hungry all by itself tho... So if you haven't done so already, try plugging that in and see does that help.