Ntune not working, GPU@100'C

For some reason, my ntune settings with the fan adjuster doesn't work. I had settings to turn it up to 100% if it ever hits 80'C, and pop a warning if it ever does. My GPU just hit 100'C a few minutes ago, and neither ntune setting activated.

(I have it on load my profile when the system starts)

Here is a screenshot:

I also have rivatuner, but I don't know how to create a dynamic fan setting that adjusts according to the temperature like the graph in ntune. (I'm in the rivatuner regular menu editor after creating a fan profile, but the drop down option for "associated fan" only has "driver level" option only.)

Also, I'd prefer to keep all my CPU/GPU/mobo/RAM monitors in one spot (ntune), whereas rivatuner only adjusts the GPU.

Anyone know what the problem is?


Feb 9, 2009
Well 90C isn't unheard of in the non 55nm 8/9800 series.

Try an aftermarket cooler for it, might just be that you got a bad cooler with yours and it's letting it hit 100C.
No, this is not a GPU problem, it's a software issue. My GPU usually idles at 60'C and goes to 70-75'C on load.

My GPU went up to 100'C because the fan either stopped, or didn't increase past 40%. I can use rivatuner to manually set the fan to 70%, where it idles at 52'C, and goes to 65-68'C on load.

I'm just wondering why my ntune fan controls or my rivatuner fan controls isn't working.