Number of heatpipes on heatsink and also, airflow

Sep 2, 2018
I was comparing heatsink-fan (HSF) combos and noticed that a few 2-heatpipe heatsinks are priced higher than some 6- and 4-heatpipe solutions. How does this work out? Are the 2 possibly better in quality than the 6 on those HSF?
I was browsing aliexpress for a window shopping experience.

Also, when there's a dual-heatsink HSF with 2 fans blowing air from both its x-axis sides INWARDS, where does the hot air go? definitely not towards top! bottom? sides on z-axis? Here's an image to clarify:
Link to dual radiator image

If the hot air is being blown to the sides, then my PSU fan could take the upwards rift away and out of the case, but the bottom flow would hit the PCIe graphics card (or SSD or other components) and that isn't much desirable.


Doctor Rob

Jul 21, 2008
when you have 2 fans one is push and one is pull.. they don't point at one another.. (or should not that is).

as far as 2, 4, 6 or what ever heat pipes normally more is better bit it also depends on the material of the heatsink and the size and how smooth the contact point (between the heat sink and CPU is.. all I can say about that is look up temp reviews before getting one. as sometimes more is not always better. but in general more is better.

Normally you have a top fan and rear fan on your case that pulls / pushes the hot air out of the case. and you have at least one fan that pulls air in on the bottom, side, or front of the case. like I have 2 on the side of the case and one or two in the front that pull air into the case.. then an fan on the back and top that pull the air out.