NVida making gpus for ATI?


"“I think the general buzz around the industry is that we are by far the largest producers of 40nm today and I think that that is, probably, consistent. We have shipped more and earlier than just about anybody, and we have not spoken a lot about our 40nm products because we have fabulous products that we are currently shipping and so we tend not to pre-announce products until the customers are really shipping themselves. We are ramping our 40nm product now,”

He then goes on to say

“Our gross margins are higher on 40nm products because they are fresher products and the die sizes are lower, [so] they tend to be more cost effective for us,"

Could nVidia be feeling the 1 monolithic core costs?


Nov 11, 2008
Ahh. I understand.. I had a long day at work... lol. "Nvidia doesn't have fab!"

Sure is arrogant of the suckers though.. par for the course in that line of work i suppose. I'm pretty sure if I told my boss that "I've done more work this year than anyone, I just like to fly under the radar because it is just that great." I'd be fired, or at least smacked.


I tell you, Jen-H is really starting to piss me off. Hyped up the nv3x/FX series, even though it was junk. Came out with the much better Nv4/6xxx series, but not fast enough to pound ATI after they came with the x1xxx series. Refreshed to the 7xxx series, but started losing again after x1x50. Back to the drawing board and came out with the awesome 8xxx series, and they've nearly stayed there ever since. With the sole exception of the GTX "card", they haven't done anything in two years now, including bringing the GTX down to the low end. Might be a side rant, but it paints a picture of his arrogant attitude.

"we are by far the largest producers of 40nm today...We are ramping our 40nm product now"

Well are you or aren't you? Stop feeding us spin, special drivers for 3DMark, cards that cant' run what they are supposed to (5200 and DX9), "new" cards that are nothing more then old cards, etc. As a president of a company, he sure seems to be doing a bad job of telling us whats going on.

You didn't hear about it during the ATI 2xxx fiasco, but when they came out with newer cards we did. 512bit bus was a bad idea. The chip was to large for what it did. ATI learned from that mistake, and came out with the 4xxx series we know and love today. The 3xxx series couldn't compete with the 8800GTS/ultra, but unlike Nvidia, ATI never claimed it would/could. They said midrange only, and never tried to feed us the BS that they had the high end. I don't mean to imply that ATI/AMD is a great company, but they don't seem to be as full of BS as Jen-H.

(sorry if this rant doesnt' make a lot of sense, I'm not feeling so well right now.)
Well, he sure has wall street bullwacked. Their shares went up with there loss, and according to rumor, therell be no G3xxs this year, period. And ATIs will be out, again, rumor, in 4 to 6 weeks.
When the 4th qtr numbers comes out for nVidia, itll be a different tune.
The monolith approach seems to be aimed more at gpgpu and Intel than actual gaming performance, as seen by the 4890 doing so well against the 285 with 30%? more transistors