Question Nvidia 1060 GTX sudden death with black screen and no output

Oct 29, 2020
Hello everyone!. This is my first post in this forum. :)
I was looking for some recommendations regarding my graphic card, that died all of a sudden this monday.

The card is an ASUS Nvidia 1060GTX, and I bought it with a new computer all together at the beginning of 2017, but I have never used the computer until september 2020 because I had a very powerful company laptop. (yes I know, a very bad purchase :p)
So this means, the card is brand new and in other circumstances, I would get rid of it and buy a new one but is sooo new it doesn't even has dirt on the fans yet.

I have tested the card in two different motherboards, with different monitors and cables and no output whatsoever, and today, as It's out of warranty, I decided to open it to see what's going on.

I have a multimeter, but I am more of a software than a hardware guy and I am no good at electronics, but I've seen one Windbond chip with a white mark that is probably partially fried but more than enough to make the graphic card useless.

I am no expert in the field and I would really really appreciate your advice about what should I do, if I should try to talk with some repairs company or try to buy the chip and a heat gun and try to replace it on my own (probably a bad idea but is gonna end in the bin anyways).

I attach two pictures of the card. (Second picture shows the chip I was talking about)

Thank you very much for your help!.

Is it recognizable when you try to flash the card actually?

There should be sticker behind stating correct vbios and look up here on techpowerup

Note; I've saved this way an GTX 950 , no video output etc.