Nvidia 3D vision with Ati gpu rendering


Jun 12, 2009
Well as I've seen some people do (I have to wait until I get my 8600 back) I know with 3rd party drivers you can run an nvidia gpu for phyx while using your Ati gpu for the actual power stuff. My question is, could you do the same thing with nvidia's 3d vision? I just think it would be bad ass using 2 5870 or a 5870 x2 (when it comes out) to run eyefinity and then see it all in 3d. Obviously it's ambitious, but any info would be awesome. Thanks all
No, you couldn't use their app anymore than you can get PhysX to run on an ATi card.

nVidia would have to open up either in order to get them to work.

Of course if you want you can still just buy the glasses;


But it's still early for ATi to focus their driver efforts on supporting 3D IMO, especially when they could be tweaking their launch drivers, but that's likely to change over time and you'd see similar support, just like in the past. And the features is already supported in hardware;



Standard 3D sucks, 3D vision only slightly less so. They have their devotees though.

Eyefiinity depends on if you can see your way to using 3 monitors, and setting up a surround gaming setup like has been on Matrox for a while. The use outside that is limited.

It's really a question of taste, like Oranges vs Bananas.

Which one speaks to you the most?
PS there are alternatives to both also.

You can add 3D with solutions like the one I posted above, and you can add surround gaming and ok multi-monitor support with Matrox's TripleHead2Go.

So neither forces you to miss out completely, but their alternates just aren't quite as good as the other's native solutions.... for now.

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