Nvidia 3d vision

Niteesh DRANGO

Mar 23, 2015
I am new to 3d vision technology.I saw the Nvidia 3d vision kit i want to know whether it harms the eyes more or less than a monitor in my case i am using a benq 2420t.
pls reply fast.
thx in advance.
depends how old you are. as you get older the cornea of the eye hardens so your cant focus as quickly as they used to.
this can lead to migraines and headaches when watching with polarized 3d glasses or shutter glasses.
so i would say if your under 40 and your eyes are ok then there shouldn't be any issues other than the fact 3d vision and the amd equivilant are just gimmicks and not worth the money you will spend to get it running on your system.

seriously mate just like oculus, 3d just isnt there yet and defiantly not in this format.
When it comes to 3d, it depends on who you are. Some have a problem with it, some get nauseous, some get massive headaches. A monitor can't harm your eyes any more than eye strain, in which case sitting further back and perhaps use the 'gunnars' glasses or a free program called f.lux will help reduce that.