Question NVidia 760 card problems

Aug 10, 2019
Hello, guys. I'm a newbie with hardware, always just used it. So my question maybe a lil bit dumb, I really searched the forum and found out I'm not following )))

So, quite recently my PC started to crush whenever I try to play a game or watch a movie. It's a 5-yrs old system. I don't have an option to go and buy new video card or motherboard, so I'm here just to understand how I can safely use the one I have.

Donno if it's useful, but here are the characteristics:
Motherboard is ASUSTeK P9X79
CPU is Intel (К) Core(TM) i7-4820K 3.70GHz
RAM 4 lines DDR 3 by 4 GB
Video ASUS nVidia GeForce GTX 760 with 2Gb
PSU is Thermaltake 750W Toughpower Gold
Windows 8.1

So I tried to catch up and log what's going on

First, I cleaned the entire tower and fans and everything. That didn't help much. I defragmented the disk spaces in hope it will help. Nope. All drivers are up to date.

I had GPU Tweak installed to check on CPU temp and everything and it didn't show up anything abnormal (idle the temp is 32C, in-game 46-48C - I guess it's fairly normal).

So I installed the program GPU-Z sensor and logged main characteristics while trying to start a game. So, I've got the following:
GPU Core Clock - 135.0 (idle) and 1110.5 (be4 crush)
GPU Memory Clock - 162.0 (idle), 1502.3 (before crush)
GPU Temp - 32C (idle), 41 (crush)
CPU temp - 38C (idle), 44 (crush)

Other numbers doesn't change much, so I consider they are not that important.

The main GPU-Z window shows, that
GPU Clock is 1006
GPU Memory 1502
Boost 1072
Defaults are the same.

So, can smb explain me in simple words what's wrong and can I fix it not buying new card and rebuilding the entire PC?

PS any game crushes the PC, not only AC Odyssey on minimal settings but even Lotro.

Thank you and sorry if I'm too fresh for this forum :)
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