Nvidia 8500 gt OC by asus


Dec 19, 2006
Ok guys kind of on a budget, wanting to do a little upgrading around Christmas. Trying to get the most bang for buck on a card for under 100 bucks. Saw this card on newegg.....


I had seen a Leadtek 8600gt for 85, but that's out of stock now. So I am thinking this 8500 with the OC and ddr3 memory might be pretty good for the money, maybe just under an 8600, and close to that of a 2600xt. What do you guys think? Keep in mind, I'm on a budget.

Currently have

Socket 939 3500+
1gb pc2700
400 watt ultra v series PSU
2 IDE hard drives
1 IDE dvd burner

So trying to upgrade a little at a time, around Christmas want to go to an X2 chip, add another gig of memory, and and LCD monitor.

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