Question Nvidia 980 Ti doesn't display at all

Mar 3, 2019
Hello there
I have nvidia 980 ti for some years now and it was working perfectly all this time with the same set up. Due to moving location ( Nothing got damaged in the process ) i had to unplug some components and re plug them. First time the card was getting recognized by the PC, a few attempts later everything was fine.
Fast forward 5 months ( current day ) i moved the case a bit to make some space and something moved the GPU.
Since then the GPU is not displaying, fans are spinning normally and the device is not even shown as a hidden one. On BIOS setup i don't see it on the PCI Ports. I have also tried to remove all past drivers and re install them but i get "no device installed".

What do you advice?


PC Tailor

Sounds more like something has been knocked out.
Have you tried reseating the GPU? Ensuring all power connectors are secure? (If Modular PSU, make sure it is also connected to the PSU properly).
What is the rest of your system spec?