Nvidia Admits Issues With Some Early GeForce RTX 2080 TI FE GPUs


May 15, 2009
The reason they don't acknowledge anything specific is because there isn't anything very specific going on. The percentage of failures for a brand new product is nothing new here. They have been replacing cards when necessary, and from what I can tell, have been doing it rather quickly and efficiently. This whole phenomenon with the internet blowing up about this is simply a case of the "ooh ooh! me too!" and people embracing anything anti-RTX and then simply running with the football.
Because it didn't sell it soul to tell Tom's readers to "Just Buy It".



Apr 3, 2001
Because THAT article by Derek (which came FIRST) was reasonable, indeed it was packed full of common sense. The other article, the one that should never have been published, that one was borderline deranged. I've pointed out multiple times in multiple places across the net that it was written to opposition to Derek's solid piece (and thus should be viewed as part of a larger story). But the inflammatory, illogical piece is going to be the one that sticks around like bad credit. To make matters worse TH's reaction was:

1) No official response - ignore the real source of the problem, which they created in the first place
2) Crush dissidents under the heels of authority (deleting and manipulating posts, mainly)
3) ????

It's going to be a long, LONG time before the internet forgets this one.

I've already defended Nvidia once on this by saying something to the extent of the failures are *probably* not widespread. But don't make firm declarations you can't back up with hard numbers - you just come off as an Nvidia fanboy defending the kingdom. In other words, where's your link to vendor data showing the percentage of failures thus far? It's PROBABLY not widespread... but then again I initially heard that line about Bumpgate and that problem snowballed as chips got older.
Everyone wants in on the "me too!" movement it seems.

AMEN, want to get that stupid post behind you then fire the guy that wrote the "Just Buy it!" article and everyone that approved of it. Until then we figure it is business as usual at Tom's. The pay to play the mantra now at Tom's. It took years and years for Tom's to build up the rep it had and just one article to tear it down and ruin Tom's rep.

The good a man does is often interned with his bones, the bad he does lives on forever.



"...It took years and years for Tom's to build up the rep it had and just one article to tear it down and ruin Tom's rep.

The good a man does is often interned with his bones, the bad he does lives on forever."

Assuming the vast majority of folks are reasonable (for most of the time!) then, in time, I'm sure there's no long term damage (that would be unreasonable). For immediacy, need to be careful of assuming understandings are are...well...also assumed. Opinion clarifications and neutral/sensible references to linked articles should be made and repeated throughout in this type of article. Folks tend to forget very quickly. Now, what was I talking about...


Nov 22, 2014
All I wanted from the 20 series was 20% more performance from the 1080ti for $800.

I think that's all anyone wanted. So why did we get this crap instead?



(crap/extortionate pricing)



Oct 20, 2015

All this is random scaremongering due to the fact that people are still bitching about the price. I have had no issues with my 2080ti FE whatsoever and I suspect this is true for the majority as with any other card. As I posted previously the price isn't so bad when you consider what 1080ti's were selling for up until recently. You can't expect to keep getting performance increases in technology and not paying anything more for them. In EVERY other industry when you want the newest and best it COSTS you more. It's a fact of life the same as it is a fact of life that they will be cheaper when something better comes out.
"reports of some even catching fire" mean nothing (ohhh I had a (single) case fan, my whole setup was poorly put together and I tried to massively overclock an already overclocked card. I'm going to complain because it caught fire.) The 2080ti is overclocked out of the box and only has about a 10% margin for more - which you don't, and likely will never, need.



Jul 14, 2009

To quote Bill Burr:

"I would say 13% of people on the internet are cool. The rest of them, they're just a bunch of animals. Why would you want to talk with them? 13% are cool. The other 87% are writing horrific stuff under youtube videos. They're ___holes."

He couldn't be more right. Specific to your question. Those two articles were obviously point-counterpoint opinion pieces. It would have made no sense if they both picked the same side. Considering they were opposing pieces everyone by design was going to disagree with one of them. The manufactured outrage over the just buy it side of the argument is a perfect example of what Bill Burr was talking about. It was an opinion piece about buying a gaming video card, not mass murdering refugees. You don't agree with it? Fine, no problem with that, but just let it go at this point. There's no reason to bring this up in almost every comment thread on this site.


May 10, 2007
Had we gotten a performance increase that was reasonable like 20-30% and had they stuck to the naming game that they had Titan, ti, 2080, 2070. The prices wouldnt seem at all radical. But since there isnt a titan. And apparently the TI is the titan. Loads of confusion, and quite honestly. Without competition in this space Nvidia can just almost get away with it. Sadly this where i say i cant wait for AMD to release a card. Been riding nvidia since 2002. I never went swayed ATI. But i just might if AMD can pull something together thats worth it. Even though i rock a gsync screen. Seems like all a waste anyways since performance with Sli and gsync sinks like a big dip in performance. So cheers to AMD, this is your opportunity to strike.
Aug 29, 2018
"There's no reason to bring this up in almost every comment thread on this site."
Yes, there is. Mentioned article was so absurd and contradicted itself in so many places, that it should be bring back every time when RTX cards are mentioned on Tom's "Just Buy It" Hardware website. People visit this website to find trustworthy benchmarks. When CEO writes something like that, all credibility is lost. Done.


Oct 4, 2011
Translation of "Tim@NVIDIA": We just made a marketing scam as usual, but no problem since everyone is used to that. Just wait for our manufacturing process to actually work properly, then wait for enough good yields and you'll eventually get the promised product. If that fails, no problem, it's just some more time until we get a revised version up. Until then, don't you comment on public boards to ruin out already bad rep. Tell us in private about the problem and we'll 'settle' it in your theoretical favor for sure.
We were talking about how Tom's has become a pay to play business. And how for pay they will tell everyone to buy your product. Everyone I've run into feels the same way and hasn't forgotten, so don't worry others will remind you if you forget again. ;^D

Hey I don't mind pay more for better tech. How every I don't want to pay over $1K for tech that no game uses and many may never use. It performs maybe 5%-10% better for $200 to $400 more then the last version. No thank you, I'll wait for a series that I feel is worth the money. I've bought Nvidia for my last few cards, but I'm not going to waste money on this series as it stands now. If AMD has something as good for a lot less that may be the way I go. I'm in no rush and I can wait to see what comes out next. And I'm not going to buy another card just because it's Nvidia chip in it. It has to have value to me and so far this last launch doesn't. But I glad your enjoying you new GPU, good gaming.