News Nvidia Allegedly Shifts RTX 4090 Production Over to H100 Hopper GPUs


Aug 8, 2019
This is not surprising. Nvidia is trying tp make and sell as many H100/A100 as possible (to China) before the sanctions kick in.

Maybe TSMC is unable to cater for the short term demand from Nvidia or maybe the pricing is too high so Nvidia does this to reduce cost. The margins for H100 is way way higher compared to 4090.
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Dec 12, 2019
For the gamers complaining about Nvidia prices and thinking some sort of boycott of their products is going to "teach them a lesson" and get them to lower prices. Here's your answer. As I've said before, Nvidia is more than happy to shift production to enterprise chips where they make significantly more money and don't have to listen to the incessant complaining that gamers love to partake in.
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Jul 29, 2021
To be fair, this may not be as distressing as it seems to people still looking to purchase a 4090 in the near future. Reports from insiders around the time of the launch were suggesting that there were massive stockpiles of 4090 cards waiting around in warehouses, and that there may have been 3-4x the stock for the 4090 at launch than the 3090. The current supply shortage is likely an artificial one being used strategically by Nvidia to try to move as many 3000 series parts as they can before fully opening up the floodgates of 4000 series parts.
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Oct 7, 2021
Not particularly surprising.

The market for people who "need" 4090's and won't settle for a lesser card has to be pretty small and I suspect those people already have 4090s (at least if they had a local Microcenter)
NVidia has already said that they are limiting supplies of other cards and delaying production of 4000 series to keep prices up in the GPU market
If 4090's were readily available at 1600$, who would buy a 4080 for 1200$

Additionally, not meeting the demand for H100's could encourage companies to look at AMD or Intel offerings and NVidia really doesn't want that.
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