News Nvidia and AMD Gaming Revenues Are Closer Than You Think


Jun 23, 2014
Nvidia's 1831 is a projection for Q4.23 and has 3620 for Q1.23 and 3420 for Q4.22 compared to AMD's 1644 for most recent quarter.

That's still a ton of revenue for a company that apparently sells mostly console GPUs.


Dec 31, 2007
Even down 46% YOY the other thing to look at is back to FY18 into Q3FY19 where basically now they are back right where they were before. Q4FY19 into Q2FY21 they were lower than currently. So I can’t say I’m losing any sleep over Nvidia’s “slump”. Seems more like they are trying to get back to those 4x higher quarterly gaming results that totally weren’t part of a massive spend on crypto currency cards sold as “consumer gaming”.
Couple that with the data center offerings running basically same silicon as those gaming cards and you can see why Nvidia has little interest so far in dropping prices. If they can gaming revenue up around or slightly over crypto rates while keeping as many usable cores for the much more lucrative DC market, unfortunately I don’t see things changing.
AI/MI looks to be basically replacing miner demand with better margins.


May 7, 2020
Even though the article in general was pretty ok. The first sentence "And Nvidia shares are up 10% afterhours, due to better than expected results and a booming AI business. " is not. There is no booming AI business. 1Q comparison a little bit up, compared to historical quarters still in a very bad position. Guidance was also discreetly bad for next 2 quarters.

Overal it was a very disappointing Earnings. Share price most likely did not go up for " better then expected " or "positive guidance". Rather the big boys handling the retail puts in the short term.

Your point of gaming revenue coming close between two companies is valid.

TJ Hooker

Nvidia's 1831 is a projection for Q4.23 and has 3620 for Q1.23 and 3420 for Q4.22 compared to AMD's 1644 for most recent quarter.
No, it's not a projection, $1.8B was their actual gaming revenue for Q4 FY23. They're talking about fiscal years, not calendar years; Nvidia's Q4 of FY2023 ended 29 Jan, 2023.

AMD's $1.6B gaming revenue was during much the same period, except that their quarter ended a month earlier: 31 Dec, 2022.
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Good, good!
Jensen can buy new leather jacket! And it is good to reduce gaming GPU production and move productiojn to segments that are3 willing to pay!
Sigh… this does not promise cheaper prices…


Aug 4, 2019
I haven't bought an nVidia discrete GPU since 2001, IIRC. In 2002, ATi stole the show for a couple of years with the R300 and its descendants. nVidia couldn't make anything that came close for that period. It's been a steady stream of ATi/AMD GPUs for me ever since. I have 0 complaints. My last Intel CPU was an original Pentium, circa ~1998. The A64 from AMD (Win2k & 64-bit VISTA, as I recall) was quite nice when Intel was sticking to 32-bits and running ad campaigns entitled: You don't need 64-bits on the desktop (believe it or not!), only because they weren't ready with an x86 64-bit CPU and were still trying to move Itanium with RDRAM. Eventually, Intel threw in the Itanium towel and licensed x86-64 from AMD, went to SDRAM, selling off its $1b stake in RDRAM, and then proceeded to bust AMD's performance chops at their own game for several years, when at last A64/Opteron ran out of steam and AMD had nothing planned in the pipe (most unlike the current AMD). But, I found AMD adequate, as I've said, a better buy, and there were no games I could not play. So, I've been all AMD ever since.

No problems with gaming along the way, either. I'm not overly impressed with benchmarks because companies (looking mainly at you, nVidia cough) have been known to cheat with widely used benchmarks, especially synthetics. For me, angst with nVidia's tactics goes all the way back to 3dfx and I still recall the dirty tricks from nVidia in those days (the 3dMark nVidia cheat was a big deal in those days and I still recall it vividly.) My bottom line is value, and whether I can play games smoothly without stutter. AMD has been fine over the years, in that regard. Of course, today, there are no concerns over GPU frame rates or CPU performance with AMD.

But...what other people buy doesn't bother me. I want them to enjoy whatever they buy! Just like I do. We owe it to ourselves...;)
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