Jun 16, 2002
Hi all
Where are all the new Nvidia cards ie: the new 6800 series,no one in the UK seems to have them yet,when will they be released?,have they problems with the technology?I want one but i can't seem to locate one anywhere.Anyone know of any vendor in the UK that has them?
Any help would be gratefully received,thanks.
Well there's a few factors. IBM had terrible yields on the chips, which has soured nV's relationship, and moved alot of business to TSMC and others. From some early reports there are less than 10,000 FishKill fabbed parts out there for which less than 1000 are capable of reaching 'Ultra' speeds.

So you will likely see far more regular GF6800s and GTs in the near future, and with competitive pricing those may be snapped up quickly once they do hit shelves.

Once production at TSMC ramps up you likely will see more, but even that's just a guess at this point.

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