Nvidia caught cheating


Dec 1, 2003
Some magazines and websites reviewed Nvidia's fx 5800 ultra or fx5950 ultra video cards having higher scores in benchmarks than ati's 9700 pro or 9800 xt,they might not have caught nvidia cheating in the past with their drivers to drasticly inflate their scores so they can catch up to ati's high scores in games and benchmarks with aa and af. Even Tom"s Hardware made that mistake when claiming nvidia's 5800fx is faster than ati 9700 pro in one of their past articles but we all know that wasn't true when 5800fx finally came out and was a big dissapointment and loser compared to ati's 9700 pro

Nvidia's Fx series have been a flop from the begin so they have to result in cheating and probably paying off some magazines and websites, but for the past year alot of people and other websites has caught nvidia cheating by turning off fog,water,etc. in games to improve scores.

3DMARK03 came out with a new patch to prevent recent drivers from cheating or what nvidia calls "optimizing" that usually degrades image quality or doesn't produce the correct image, Nvidia's score are now down by up to 30% and ati's are the same .After the patch was applied Ati 9800xt beats 5950fx ultra in every test and 9800 pro beats 5900 fx ultra 3 out of 4

3DMARK03 SCORES after patch
Ati 9800xt = 6436
Nvidia 5950fx ultra = 5538

You can check it out here at: Rage3d.com

NVIDIA also violated an agreement with DX by changing directx 9 code in their latest drivers :

"Nvidias NV38 (along with the rest of the FX series) has been dubbed as a substandard card by team dx. This means that DX will not include NV in its developement range for directx10. Team DX made the decision "as a favor to the graphics industry". Team DX claims that NV violated their partnership agreement by changing the DX9 code with their latest set of drivers as caught by Xbit labs recently. This violates the licensing agreement and conpromises DXs quality"
You can check that article at:


or other articles aboout nvidia's cheating at:

www.megagames.com/news/html/hardware/ gfx5900caughtcheating.shtml


Dec 16, 2002
This is something we here have known for quite a while cindy. But if it makes you happier:

burn nvidia burn (all while i return my aiw 9800 pro because it was defective) <- <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=379307#379307" target="_new"> true story </A>

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First, Welcome to the Forum Cindy.

You will find this is quite old news. If you wanna know more we can link to a few reviews. You are obviously a little behind the times, but if you check in here once ina while you should be well ahead of the curve (ie every magazine out there) on most of these issues in the future.

Want the best reviews on these issues go to Extremetech, Beyond3D and DigitLife <-(which has done a bunch of them).


<-true story
You lie! I clearly remember seeing that story on the Outer Limits! And I didn't believe it then either! :tongue:

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Oct 6, 2003
I've read the same article all though it isn't new. It isn't unheard of. You can always garuantee that any company will do some special coding to improve their scores in the benchmarks ATI, Microsoft and whomever else included. It will probably never stop. So I guess if we all became master hackers like that person who stole Half-Life2 source code. We code get the same performance or just become programmers and goto school for the next 4yrs for that.