Question Nvidia Control Panel Refuses To Cooporate

Mar 25, 2020
I know there is several threads about this but it looks like I have one of the most severe cases of the Nvidia Control Panel just point blank refusing to work on my pc. Ive tried the following tactics:
  • Gone into services to stop, start, and restart Nvidia container services LS.
  • Gone into display adapters and uninstalled my graphics card, then rebooted and reinstalled.
  • Using DDU and completley wiping the Nvidia files
  • Used DDU to unistall, then went and downloaded previous versions of rivers to see if it was a bug with the newest one.
  • Reinstalled the microsoft store, I can install other apps on the store no problem, but when I try to install NCP it just sits on "starting download" forever.
  • Reinstalled Windows including wiping all personal files.
The most frustrating part is that the installer on Nvidia's website, , its supposed to install several files that arent there. For example, my Control Panel Client isnt there, so I cant try the fix where I look for the nvcplui file. I went so far as to download an apk I found online, it opens, but says that my drivers and this application are on different versions. Then a pop up appears, its says setup g-sync display, I click it, nothing happens, it just goes away. Can someone please help me or make me an apk or the current version of the control panel Im so sick of this.