Question Nvidia Custom Resolution: Safe to Increase Refresh Rate?

Jan 30, 2022
I recently found out about the custom resolution setting that Nvidia offers in their Control Panel. My monitor (2560x1440 GIGABYTE - 27" IPS LED QHD FreeSync Monitor with KVM) has a normal max refresh rate of 170 hz, however it allows me to set that much higher through this setting. I have been seeing mixed information on whether it's ok to increase your refresh rate, and by how much. I have a pretty powerful PC (overclocked Intel i9 11900k, RTX 3080ti, 32gb Ram, etc.) that could easily run many of my games at 200+ fps, but I do not want to damage my monitor, or cause undue stress on the pc if 200+ fps won't have any actual change on my 170hz native screen. Is there a way to measure what an acceptable refresh refresh rate might be?

Open this to see screenshot of custom resolution info

I appreciate all the advice I can get!