Question Nvidia custom resolutions doesnt work ingame

Jan 20, 2023
I have gtx 580 for some reason i cant get 1920x1080 resolution to display resolutions so i had to create custom resolution after i did everything worked great so i tried playing some games but for some reason i cant see these custom resolutions ingame only in borderless but some games doesnt support borderless pls help

Also i had amd hd 7770 gpu before nvidia gtx 580 and there custom resolutions were working great no problems in game also i tried contacting nvidia support they were useless af im using vga cable


Which Windows are you running and is there dsr factors option in NvidiaCP manage 3D settings? Gtx 580 software might be too old to include dsr option but not sure. If it's there just check first two options and look for resolution it implements ingame.

After setting custom resolution in NvidiaCP have you checked if same resolution is then available in Windows own set of resolutions?

Could try Custom Resolution Utility program instead of doing it in NvidiaCP. Might help better set your intended resolution globally.

If you're running Win10, try disable full screen optimisation under compatibility for games having issues with custom resolution. Though i think why some games are having issues in full screen is Windows isn't completely native to the resolution change which Custom Resolution Utility might help with that.