Question nVidia Driver 516.59 Cannot Detect Hardware

Max Lazer

Jul 3, 2008
I'm trying to update the drivers on my laptop, however when I try to install the current driver one of two things happen. If I use the GeForce Experience update option, the driver downloads but doesn't proceed past that point. If I try manually installing the driver, even if I have cleaned out the previous driver from my the laptop, I get the same message:

"NVIDIA Installer cannot continue
This NVIDIA graphics driver is not compatible with this version of Windows.
This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware."

As far as I can tell, this message is ridiculous. The driver is compatible with Windows 11 and a RTX 3060 laptop. All I can think of right now is disabling the onboard graphics in the Device Manager to see if that's interfering with the driver, but I did not want to do that without asking around first. So far, I haven't been able to find anything about this issue, and nVidia's support page is absolutely useless. I get locked in an endless cycle of logging in, then being sent back to the login screen. Thanks for any help.

Windows 11 Home
Gigabyte G5 KD RC45KD
11th Gen Intel Core i5-1140 H @ 2.7GHz
BIOS INSYDE FB1, 10/28/21
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop


Get the latest drivers from Gigabyte, not Nvidia.
You're already on the latest one from Gigabyte.

First paragraph under Release Highlights.
You've already tried it with no success, so the drivers there are not compatible with your laptop. Wait for updates from Gigabyte.