News Nvidia Driver Boosts GPU Decompression By 17 Percent On PCIe 5.0 SSDs

Since they are using the compression format "GDeflate", means that games won't see any of these DirectStorage benefits for "free", since the game developers will need to first work to implement them.

I don't see this feature getting very popular in gaming though.

I mean, it will be up to individual games to implement DirectStorage to see the benefits of the API. That means not only using the necessary API hooks, but also shipping games with assets packed using the new GDeflate algorithm.

Even though the vast backwards compatibility of GDeflate means that game devs can essentially hit the ground running here on DX12 games , but the fact that it involves game assets means that full DirectStorage 1.1 support cannot be trivially added to existing games (backported into existing games).

Developers would need to redistribute (or otherwise recompress) game assets for GDeflate, which is certainly do-able, but future games are a totally different story.