Question Nvidia driver leads to cpu 100 usage in games please help


Jun 13, 2015
Hello, so after installing nvidia driver 430.39 for my 1080ti whenever i play some game the cpu usage Will go up to 99 usage and proceed to make the pc black out and the gpu fan to go nuts fast only option then is to manual reboot.

I went to nvidia support and with confidence they told me that the driver had problems so i should update to the 430.53 hotfix so i proceed to install it and guess what, i was able to play for about an hour with a cpu usage of 40 i was so happy, so i turn off pc until this afternoon which i wanted to play a bit more and there it was again cpu ussage almost 100 and obviously pc shut downs leading to gpu fan went nuts again.

So yes hotfix didnt work for me, i am not forgeting anything this problem started Just after 430.39 and 430.53 before i was able to play for hours high demanding games eg bfv gta v, far cry New dawn, apex and some others plus less demanding games like Rocket league, all of them now make cpu ussage goes to 99-100 and shut down my pc

So should i wait until New nvidia driver to see if they fix my problem or is there something else i can try. Thanks in advance.