Info Nvidia Experience software causing machine lockups after last update


Oct 11, 2015
I am running a first generation Threadripper and Geforce 1080ti on Windows 10. Earlier this week I updated video drivers and started to notice an intermittent lockup while browsing the internet in Chrome and Edge. Event viewer was showing DCOM Error 1084 timeouts. I safemode pulled and reinstalled the video driver but that simply made the problem worse. The machine had gone from an intermittent hang to the mouse going unresponsive almost immediately after boot. Resource utilization was also normal. I ran SFC, Chkdsk, and dsm. There was nothing showing or repaired. While I could boot into safe mode using msconfig and setting to a debug boot state did nothing for the issue.

At this point I ran a system reset (keeping files) on Windows. Post clean install the machine was running fine until I installed the Nvidia driver package. After the first reboot the machine was now hanging almost instantly. After doing some searching online there was a post saying that the Nvidia Experience program could be the cause. At this point I was willing to try anything so I went in to the windows app manager and removed the Nvida experience program directly (while leaving drivers alone). I have had no lockups since. I don't really have anything to fix at this point, just wanted to pass this on to the ops because pulling the Nvida experience program is a lot less painful than a system restore.
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