News Nvidia Frame Generation Tech Plays Nice With AMD FSR 2.0, Intel XeSS


Dec 10, 2014
There is nothing nice about DLSS 3.0. While DLSS 2 feeds you somewhat fake pixels, with 3.0 half of what you see is completely fake.

What's the point of slightly higher fps when you lose almost half of true frames with actual information and get increased input lag? Reviewers should stop misdirecting people with those fps graphs that aren't actually apples-to-apples comparison.
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May 17, 2022
So much going on here.... So much just plain wrong...

<begin rant>
Interesting read on Nvidia Reflex "technology". Simply put, it removes most of the poor design crap in the pipelines between the CPU and the display. Would be nicer if it was all streamlined to begin with, but it is what it is, at least for now. Personally, I would expect that when I hand a generated frame to the driver, it is the next thing to go out to the display. I generate the current frame as I am viewing the previous. Anything less is simply a garbage design that needs to be fixed. No excuses.

Don't even get me started on the polling of keyboard and mice. This is absolutely ridiculous. Should have been fixed back in the 80s. Probably was. Sporadic inputs like keyboard and mice should be interrupt-driven, not polled. Again, hideous design decision that should have been corrected a long time ago.

Big news: artificially high frame rates (like AI generated frames!) and most ultra high-resolution options are simply to make things pretty. They are known to cause lag. Serious gamers turn them all off. They use low resolution for the very fact that the data gets to the viewable screen significantly faster. Less lag = more wins. Unless you are playing something that doesn't require quick reaction times, then of course, making pretty is nice.

And last but not least. No one, even the experts, can tell the difference between real ray tracing and faked ray tracing . No one needs it. Please make it go away and use the freed-up hardware space for something else.

No, wait... one more... Bring back blowers! These stupid GPUs are getting too big and there is no way to get the heat out of the case without installing a dozen case fans and having open screens on all six sides. It's silly at this point. Give me a blower so I can cram my GPU into a nice small desktop case without taking up half my desk. Surely someone can devise a nice quiet blower fan.

<end rant>
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Chung Leong

Dec 6, 2019
This tech is basically using AI to perform what the human brain is perfectly capable of doing naturally. Generations have watched movies at 24 FPS, never complaining of choppiness. Our brain without our conscious effort would correctly infers what our eyes aren't seeing. So why this need for very high frame rate in games? Have people become retarded? Has technological advancement deprived the present generation of mental exercises such that their brains failed to properly develop?