NVidia GeForce 8800GT - will this handle 10 bit uncompreesed video?


Apr 7, 2008
I tried that and can't find anything on my specific card, though as I keep searching the time it takes to find relevant information might be greater than the speed at which someone might answer my post. I get tons for all the newer cards. I thought I would post here thinking that someone here would know about video cards and what they can handle.
Well, the G92 chip that goes in the 8800GT doesn't have pure video enabled so you won't get any video acceleration there. It's more a question of if your CPU can handle it. They fixed this issue though with the G94 that goes into the 9600GT and that has purevideo acceleration for certain video codecs. It all depends on the codec that you're using as to if that would make a spit of difference.