Nvidia geforce 9800gt 1024mb ddr3


Jan 22, 2013
please guyzzzzzz i need help

i have bought nvidia geforce 9800gt 1024mb ddr3 but it dosent give me the right video ram size ive tried a lot but nothing its express not on board

Are you kidding? I gave my old 9800GT to a friend, and he was blown away with how powerful it was... I mean, come on, this was basically the first card that would max out crysis with playable framerates. For a non-hardcore gamer it's an amazing choice; it'll max WoW, LoL, almost any older game... And it's about $40, used.
The 8800GT (which was later rebranded as 9800GT in the next gen) was a pretty good card. At the time it smoked pretty much everything.
Had one in the rig before my current one, you could get playable frames of pretty much everything if you were willing to lower some settings.