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Nvidia Graphics Card Forum Thread -- 700 Series Cards

Welcome to the Tom's Hardware Forum for Nvidia 700 Series Graphics Cards.

Within this thread, we will maintain an ongoing list and discussion for current GPUs for the moderate to high-end gaming system, links, benchmarks, specs, charts, multi-card configs, preferences, recommendations and rumors. As new data, information and content is made available, it will be added to the thread to allow on-going discussions and topics with the majority of the primary thread data being represented and updated on the first page's posts. Please feel free to update the thread curators with PM's with information to be added or contributed to this section.

Please note: This thread serves as a unified discussion and information thread reserved to Nvidia hardware. Absolute under NO circumstance will any 'AMD vs. Nvidia' baiting, flame war or other argumentative & disruptive posts be tolerated. This thread does not represent any bias for Tom's Hardware or anyone associated. This thread serves as a unified discussion and information thread reserved to Nvidia hardware. Any debate or discussion for comparison of competing hardware vendors of this nature (ex: AMD vs. Nvidia, ASUS vs. EVGA) must have citation in quotes as well as linked in the post for reference. Any post that does not contain this will be removed. Any post that is inflammatory and biased with intolerance or favoritism towards either vendor will be removed and applicable forum members will be subject to a warning, suspension or ban as outlined in the forum rules and terms of service. If there are any questions, please contact a forum moderator with details and a link to the page in question. The rules stated above are also in addition to any and all rules that govern the Tom's Hardware Forums.

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Jun 25, 2013
I coubought a evga gtx760 TI suckclocked last year. i play most games on ultra. It crashes sometimes. i wouls just get one around $100 dollars. or maybe go for the 780 or SLI. I don't truely know, it mostly looks like polygons to me.


Jan 29, 2015
I recently got a Gigabyte 750ti Black Edition ( overclocked at factory ) and it run's great. I don't try and run games like BF4 on Ultra because I loose out on slower FPS. Realistically I would not expect a $ 170 card to be able to run modern games with everything set to the highest settings. I run most things on medium to be honest and it still looks better than anything my Xbox 360 can produce. Some people have said that a card like this can run Direct X 10/11 games on the highest settings ... that is fine if all you want to do is actually look at the graphics and not actually have any real online gameplay.