News Nvidia GeForce Now Game Streaming Services Loses Activision Blizzard Games


Jul 31, 2015
Yea I was wondering the same thing as to why these companies would be pulling out of this. Some have said that maybe some of these companies want ot make their own streaming services and do not want their games tied into this service for that reason. To me that does not make very much sense because even if any of them had ideas of making their own streaming services why would they close themselves off to making making right now by pulling out of the Geforce Now service it does not make sense.

I think it has more to do with as stated here is that there must be something in the agreement between these companies and Nvidia that they do not like. Maybe Nvidia is asking them for to much money to have the right to have their games on the streaming service because Nvidia might be trying to recoup some of the cost by charging more than they should to the companies pulling out and not put that extra cost onto the customers with a bigger subscription charge each month. It could also be that Nvidia just does not play well with other companies and they just don't want to deal with a company like nvidia so they just pull out of the deal all together.

My take is that if it is just the companies not wanting to deal with Nvidia that they should look at all the extra free money they will be getting from all of the extra sales on the games that they would otherwise not be getting because the extra sales would be from new customers that most likely would have never bought any of the games because they do not have the hardware to actually play these games. It looks to me to look like a DO before they actually THINK kind of move.


Oct 1, 2006
And a (large) company highlights the issues with cloud services.... Looks good on paper but if one thing goes wrong the customers get screwed. The Netflix / streaming model may be ok for TV but compute as a service has a nightmare collection of issues, particularly with licensing.
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