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In case you are not aware, but today the review embargo for the RTX 2080 GPU has been lifted, and many reviews are now online. As we can see, this brand new version of the RTX2080 is faster than an NVIDIA Titan XP GPU, and is priced at $699.

Going into more details, Guru3D reports that this particular GPU is faster than the Titan XP and closes the gap between the NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 Ti. The performance difference between the RTX2080 Super and the RTX2080 Ti in Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 1440p is only 10fps, in Metro Exodus at 1440p it is 9fps and in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided it is 12fps.

Sorry for the poor formatting, and image size. text taken from DSOGaming.

Still, it appears that there are some games in which the performance difference between the RTX2080 Super and the RTX2080 Ti is quite high. TechpowerUP reports that the RTX2080Ti is faster by almost 20fps in Ace Combat 7 at 4K, and almost 30fps in F1 2018 at 4K. Furthermore, Far Cry 5 appears to be running faster on the RTX2080Ti by 14fps.

Anandtech reports that Forza Horizon 4 and The Division 2 both run faster on the RTX2080Ti by 8fps, whereas Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is only 6fps faster on the RTX2080Ti. On the other hand, Strange Brigade runs significantly slower on the RTX 2080 Super (almost 20fps difference).

Last but not least, HardwareUnboxed has shared a video review of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 Super in which it benchmarks a lot of PC games, so be sure to watch it.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxuoDyjemdA
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I'm getting mixed response and feedback from several review websites....

While it is slower than the RTX2080Ti, it’s also significantly cheaper (it is almost offered at half its price). The RTX2080 Ti is usually priced at $1100-$1200, whereas the MSRP for the RTX2080 Super is $699. Moreover, this GPU is also faster than the AMD Radeon VII (which was also launched at $699).


Yeah I have mixed feelings about the RTX 2080 Super. I was hoping it was going to be somewhat of a 2080 Ti replacement, being like 10% slower than a 2080 Ti but much cheaper.

But only 8% faster?? You can overclock a 2080 to that additional 8% via both core and mem overclocks.

But the 2080 Super does have faster samsung ICs out of the gate, so overclocking those will be interesting.
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But the 2080 Super does have faster samsung ICs out of the gate, so overclocking those will be interesting.
On that note, I just found one article posted by OC3D. Original source is ANANDTECH though. To quote their article:

Nvidia limited the RTX 2080 Super's memory performance, here's why:

Nvidia's RTX 2080 Super may have its memory running at 15.5 Gbps, but the Samsung modules within the GPU are designed to run at higher speeds. To be precise, these GDDR6 memory modules are designed to run at 16 Gbps, which means that Nvidia is running these modules in an underclocked state.

If Nvidia ran their RTX 2080 Super at its GDDR6 memory's rated clock speed, the graphics card would offer users over 512GB/s of memory performance, amounting to a memory bandwidth uplift of slightly more than 3%. This raises a question, why didn't Nvidia run its RTX 2080 Super at Samsungs rated memory speed?

According to Nvidia, as stated by Anandtech, the RTX Super series of graphics cards were designed to be as easy to manufacture as possible, utilising the same basic Turing Silicon as existing RTX series graphics cards alongside similar cooler designs and identical PCB layouts.

Nvidia's original RTX series graphics cards offered GDDR6 memory with maximum speeds of 14Gbps. Nvidia's PCB designs are rated for this level of performance, and full 16Gbps memory speeds would require a PCB redesign. Nvidia limited the RTX 2080 Super to 15.5 Gbps memory speeds so that they, and their AIB partners, didn't need to design new PCBs for their RTX 2080 Super.

This launch doesn't feel rushed to me, to be honest. It's been just lazy, as they have little need to put an effort. And I would imagine you already know where I am going with this, right?

They don't need to break any molds nor increase production costs to get an edge. This just minimum effort for the little gain you needed to keep the position. I can understand that, but feels laaaaaazy as hell. Unfortunately, that's all they needed.

It's still a good card and just a side-grade for all intended purposes. All the "untapped" potential will come from partners with an interesting fee associated to it. I wonder how much they need to do for the extra speed they left on the table.