Jan 13, 2017
Out of nowhere, my GTX 1050ti suddenly stopped working (as in it would give off a black screen after BIOS icons).

I have an i5-7600k, 8gb of ram, Gigabyte Gaming B8 mobo, and a 650w EVGA psu.

I went to see if it was the monitor = monitor was not at fault. I purchased a new GPU (GTX 1070) = that one was perfectly fine and it STILL wouldn't load (it would give off a black screen again), however the PC would load if booted into safemode (and if the NVIDIA drivers weren't installed - once nvidia drivers were installed, at a moments notice it would go blackscreen (but the computer stays running).

It wasn't the PSU cables, I replaced the VGA, BIOS was updated to latest version, and all that was fine. However, when I installed an old AMD card, the PC worked perfectly - drivers installed and all (compared to NVIDIA = once nvidia drivers where installed, blackscreen was there). The harddrive is not at fault - tested the i5 system with another W.10 HDD and the same thing occured with the NVIDIA card installed (blackscreen whilst the AMD card loaded), tested the original HDD on another system (i9-9900k, RTX 2080 (with RTX drivers installed), 32 gb, z390) and it worked perfectly (Nvidia drivers installed properly and didn't cause blackscreen) - leading me to believe that it's a motherboard issue on the i5 PC.

What is causing this issue and is there any way to fix it? Should I just order a new motherboard or?