Question Nvidia Gpu working but Amd gpu's cause my pc to restart when i start any game.


Oct 29, 2015
Hello, i am been facing the weirdest problems for quite sometime.
My pc rig is:
i3 8100
4x2 team 3000 mhz ram
gigabyte h310m mobo
Gigabyte Rx 570 4gb.
Corsair VS-550w
So i just got 570 today and when i installed it on my pc and got done with the drivers, i couldnt run a single game. Because the moment the games run my pc restarts.
Now interesting thing is 2-3 months ago i sold my 570 thinking that my corsair vs450w couldnt handle it when i upgraded my processor from g4560 to i3 8100. i was using my asus b250m prime then.
Note: my 570 worked fine when i had g4560. but started acting up the same after getting i3 8100.
I got 1050ti temporarily which ran perfectly on all psu's. now i have vs 550w and decided to take 570 4g and today the same problem persists.
what i dont understand is that if my mobo is damaged then how could it run 1050ti?
i have tried these:
I ran the Furmark stress test on it but cant run any games still!
using DDU and clean installing amd drivers.
installing windows and then again clean installing amd drivers.
Reinstalled the hardware components.
Updated Bios etc.
Please someone help me with this. It's driving me nuts.