NVIDIA Graphics Card Not Found in Device Manager Dell XPS 15

Aug 26, 2018
Hello! So I have browsed countless threads on this and many other sites and tried a vast number of solutions in regards to this issue. Basically, I recently launched a game and under the graphics options I found that the Intel card that came with my laptop was the only option for a graphics card to use; despite my laptop having an included NVIDIA GeForce 1050ti graphics card that I paid to add to my build. Confused, I researched online and found that the solution for many was to enter Device Manager, uninstall then reinstall the drivers. So I went to device manager, saw the NVIDIA driver under display adaptors was greyed out in comparison to the Intel card and was only visible when I selected Show Hidden Devices, and uninstalled the driver, with the NVIDIA site already open so I could download the latest driver. However, upon launching the setup program to install the drivers, I was greeted with an error message claiming that I did not have the required hardware (the GPU) and now the NVIDIA card was nowhere to be found in my device manager. I have tried:

- going into the NVIDIA folder in my C drive and changing the text of some files to trick the setup software into recognizing my Intel card's hardware ID to bypass the test to see if I had the required graphics card. This was a common solution I found online and did bring me past that phase of the installer, after which I selected a clean install and the installation process began. However, after barely progressing it stops and tells me the install fails. It is worth noting that during this installation process my screen goes black for about a second and then comes back with the resolution changed, as I believe during this process the Intel drivers are uninstalled as I usually have to reinstall them after

- used DDU in Safe Mode to fully clear all NVIDIA files remaining and then attempted an install of over 5 different versions of NVIDIA drivers to check all possibilities, and used DDU in combination with the first strategy I have mentioned

- reverted Windows and BIOS updates that I had installed earlier this week, as this problem was not present before then (to my knowledge)

There seems to be nowhere on my machine that shows me that I still have this graphics card! I do not believe it is broken as like I said I believe before the most recent updates to my computer it was working fine, and before I removed it its drivers were visible in Device Manager (albeit greyed out). Any and all assistance and/or anecdotal advice would be appreciated, sending the laptop in would be an absolute last resort. Thank you!
Usually in Safe Mode removing the old GPU drivers. . Then may need to disable onboard GPU in BIOS first. Then install new GPU, it should boot in Safe Mode with no drivers. Some newer drivers can't install in Safe Mode but Windows will boot in the Safe Mode resolution until they are installed. It's very common with Dells for the old GPU drivers to be very persistent.
Aug 27, 2018
I have the exact same problem. Specs:
Power Supply Corsair CX500 500W

Processor Intel Core i5 6400 2.7Ghz

Processor Cooler Coolermaster Hyper 103

RAM 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400Mhz [2x4GB]

Motherboard Gigabyte B150-HD3P

Graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 2GB

Everything was fine a few days ago, but today I booted up a game and it said my hardware had changed. My GPU is no where to be seen on my devices, not even on hidden devices. If I plug my hdmi into my gpu not my motherboard all I get is black screen. I tried to update nvidia drivers but it won't let me as apparently I don't have a graphics card.
I have tried uninstalling all nvidia drivers, taking the card out and placing back in, removing windows updates, disabling integrated graphics on my bios.
Just to add that my card is getting power, all fans are on.
Please help!

There are also lots of threads like this one all popping up today... maybe a windows update has ruined everything?