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Question Nvidia GTX 1070 Fans spinning full speed but temps are fine

Mar 1, 2020
I am currently running ryzen 3600x (33c on idel)
Nvidia gtx 1070. Pallet make
750w psu
Windows 10 pro.
256GB ssd
2 x 4Tb HDD
2tb External HDD
A few weeks ago i had a problem with my gpu fan starting and stopping whenever it wanted to.
Some times at 40c 45c sometimes 49c lower or higher did not mater when the fan starts then it does not stop even if the temps go down to 36c.
I tried changing fan speeds with msi afterbuner had no effect what so ever.
Gpu-z starts with showing a slow increase of fan speed on boot then when the fan is at full speed it states no rpm on fan speed.
And i can see the gpu fan spinning.
Im building my dad a reconditiond pc using my old parts so i got a new motherboard and case and my dad can have the old parts.
But the problem persists.
I took apart my gtx cleaned and reaplied thermal compound i changed the 8 pin pcie to two molex to 8 pin pcie still the same
Could this be a software problem i dont rearly want to format c: or replace mt gpu any help would be appriciated thanks mark
Mar 1, 2020
Wait.... So, you want the fans... To always spin? Or to stop always spinning? I'm confused.
To stop spinning constant think i sussed it i used display drivers uninstalled in safe mode uninstalled nvidia drivers then reinstalled last 20 mins its been fine did not think it would be corrupt drivers done the hard way first thanks mark
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