Nvidia GTX 295 and 650 Watt Power supply is it enough


Jun 7, 2007

My 8800 GTX card has gone bang, and though it is going to be RMA'd in the mean time I needed a new Graphics Card. Unfortunately I want a little bit over the top, and ended up buying a Nvidia GTX 295 graphics card.

When my wife sees the money comig out of the joint account there is going to be trouble. However, I didn't notice at the time , but the reccomended power supply is a minimum 680 Watts, my existing power supply is a Enermax 650 modular SLI 2.2 compliant.

Can my exisiting PSU cope with the demands of a single 295, or is it best just to upgrade the PSU?

The rest of my system is a

Q6600 CPU
Soundblaster XI-FI
2 x SATA 2 Hard drives
1 x DVD writer
3 x 120 MM fans
1 x GTX 295 graphics card - with added divorce option :non: .

If a new PSU is required what are the reccomendations.

Your help will be appreciated.



Dec 26, 2008
I don't know the exact numbers, but I believe the 295 has very low power requirements considering its performance. I'm not sure about the quality of your PSU but i'm fairly certain a high quality 650w psu would be enough for a single 295. I would think you would be ok if your PSU Is a high quality single rail model. However if it's not, this is an excellent upgrade option considering it's $/quality -



When calculating the Amp, do you add the Amp on each of the multile 12V rails? or do you consider only one 12V rail which is actually going into the PCI-E's power slot?
There's no general rule AFAIK. The PSU manufacturer is supposed to say how many amps are available when combined. It's usually less than the sum of all rails. For example if you see something like 18A+18A it's usually around 30A combined, not 36A. Antec is an exception, because in their case you can often just add them up like 18+18=36.

+1. Enermax makes good PSUs but quite a bit expensive, hence why I have been using PC Power and Corsair units.


Jan 4, 2005

Agreed but people seem to have no love for that brand. I must admit that some of their entry models are just so so...