Nvidia GTX 560 TI ( Gigabyte ) crashes on low temperatures when gaming


Nov 30, 2009
Hi , so my GPU is acting strange i monitor my temps with MSI Afterbooster and when my temps go over 55 degrees celcius game crashes. It is running but instead of the game is see my desktop and i can ALT TAB between the game ( what looks my desktop ) and real desktop.
I know that it can go upto 99 degrees so i dont know what is the problem.

My specs :

AMD PHENOM x6 1100T @ 3.3 GHZ - CoolerMaster 212 EVO
Gigabyte 560 TI @ 975 MhZ ( also tried the stock overclock that it came with 900 still crashes )
Gigabyte 880GM D2H Motherboard.
750W powersupply.
4 GB DDR3 1333 MhZ RAM

Games that crash on me are Battlefield 3 ( any frostbite2 game ) ; Sleeping Dogs and Natural Selection 2

So any help is appriciated.
Sorry for any bad english.

I doubt those temps are accurate. The card probably idles hotter than that "" "".

try running at stock speeds. remove and clean heat sink of dust, reapply thermal paste.

power circuitry is one area that really needs cooling on those cards.. ( the back end where the plugs go.

so stock clocks on video card processor and ram. what happens?