Question Nvidia GTX 780 Code: 43/Crashes

Dec 10, 2019
Computer Specs
Asus z87 plus
i7 4770k 3.5ghz
Nvidia GTX 780
16gb ram
Windows 10

Issues: While gaming system would freeze then system would crash/restart. Then started giving some BSODs (Driver IRQL Not less or equal) after doing a clean uninstall and reinstall of the graphics drivers it gave a BSOD with some Watchdog error. After doing another complete uninstall/reinstall that stopped and it has just been giving me code 43 now and windows wont let it fire up it seems since. My next step is to take the card out and re-seat it then try again, and/or a fresh clean install of windows to see if that might fix it. Or does it sound like my card is kaputz? Much mahalo for any help!!


I already responded to another post about a GTX 780, not the exact same issue but likely the same cause. It's very likely a faulty graphics card and the only solution that I was given back in 2015 was to RMA the card for a GTX 970 replacement. Never did find out what was wrong with the card, just that it was a common problem for the GTX 780 to crap out or black screen.
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Hmm, ok, generally Thermaltake should be avoided, but the Toughpower is the exception to that rule - they're pretty solid PSUs.

Still, if you do have another decent PSU lying around, or one that you can borrow, it couldn't hurt to give it a try. But, I might have to defer to to @Third-Eye's previous experience with this.

The only other thing I could suggest is trying it out in another system - say a friend's PC or something, if they're willing to do the whole driver-install tango. That'll help narrow down if it's the card itself.