[SOLVED] Nvidia GTX1050Ti (Overclocked) - 3D Rendering Issues Only Under Specific Circumstances.

Jun 3, 2020
Hello, I've recently been attempting to play No Man's Sky but I've been running into issues. I'm not sure if it is my GPU or Game but I done everything I can in my game to resolve the following issue.

Here is a visual of what happened.

This seems only to occur under specific circumstances in this game. When I am attempting to scan an item with my scan visor. Or when I go underwater.

So far I haven't had this problem with any other game and it started to occur more recently. I'm unsure of what to call it or make a claim that it is my GPU, but it is what I assume is wrong. It doesn't affect 2D graphics such as Images, text, symbols, etc. But tends to freak out on anything that requires 3D Rendering.

I've tried clearing the shader cache, game cache, I've changed visual settings, etc. And nothing has worked so far, I'm trying to figure out if there is a setting somewhere in the Nvidia Control Panel that can help me fix this problem or something else.

My GPU is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, that is currently overclocked if that assist in finding help.