News Nvidia Is Automatically Updating Systems to Fix the Discord Bug

Dec 28, 2022
I was lucky as my RTX 2080 wasn't impacted by this issue. However, the confusion surrounding the automatic fix by Nvidia is poor form. I hope they are able to add some context to how this process actually works. I know tech heads can manually fix it fairly easily but the Joe Schmoes of the world won't even know this bug exists. Nvidia needs to make sure the automatix fix is fool proof fix so those users don't lose performance, even if it is unbeknownst to them. As it stands right now, no one knows how this automatic fix even applies itself.
Odd. I have not updated my driver, I do not have Nvidia Experience installed. The issue which was present is gone. (I was one of the initial reporters of this). I did not take the steps reported to fix the issue. I guess nothing to see here......
I had this problem on my 3080ti but I've sense used Nvidia Inspector to get around it, I didn't really notice it until I seen a topic and my memory did down clock when I tested it, but whats 200mhz, like 0.1 fps lol.
Feb 5, 2023
I only have GFE installed so I can use Moonlight streaming (which is going away soon in the Nvidia backend anyway), with all the updaters (and telemetry) disabled from running at startup.

Having just installed the latest drivers (528.49), which report the Discord GPU clock bug fixed, I think the only reason GFE was mentioned was because it can (but probably shouldn't) be used to automatically download or update drivers.


Nov 2, 2014
I don't use GFE with my GTX 750ti. But the latest driver package includes a Discord fix. Not totally clear whether that's in the driver, or only GFE, in the descriptive materials available pre-install, but it looks like it's in the driver, not GFE itself, though of course GFE can (and usually does, absent extreme measures) automatically download everything.